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PayPal Crypto allows you to move money over the internet similar to E-Currency like Perfect Money, OkPay, Western Union etc. but with many improvements add with encrypted technology, including fast transactions with minimal or no fees.

Paypal Crypto have no boundary, no restrictions, no frozen account and no country ban policy because its decentralized electronic cryptocurrency & its your own currency you have to freedom, you have to choice, you have to option what ever you want you can do! send, receive & trade your money every where- any where with your own choice without any one interruption & irrevocable transactions with privacy, impossible to identify because its the PayPal Crypto your own bank with your own policy.




Mining is the most important thing to create value for a coin the process of adding transaction records to public ledger of past transactions, miners will become the coin more stronger & secure.

33 Million Paypal Crypto Coins will be created in 33 years with most advanced algorithm X11, production decreases halving in every year.



PayPal Crypto Specifications:


Name: PayPal Crypto
Ticker: ppal
Algorithm: X11
Network: POW
Confirmations: 6 network confirmations
Block Time: 60 sec / 1 minute
Block Size: 1 MB
Block Reward: 21 coins per block
Difficulty Retarget Kimoto Gravity Well (every block)
Halving Every year (every 525600 blocks)
Trade Fee: upto 0.1
Withdraw Fee: upto 0.2
Pool Fee: upto 0.2
Total Supply: 33 million
Premine: 33% / 10.89 million
P2P Port: 6655 (Testnet 16655)
RPC Port: 6665 (Testnet 16665)




0.89 MillionPPAL reserved for development team. ( To Cover Expenses )

2.0Million PPAL for network Stability. ( To Maintain Services, Coin Price Stability & Acceptance )

3.0Million PPAL has been reserved for Merchants. ( To Cover loss by Fluctuation of Coin Rate )

5.0Million PPAL is being kept as PayPal Crypto Foundation/Aid. ( PayPAl Crypto Financial Aid will be in Bitcoins )





Github: https://github.com/PayPalCrypto

Block Explorer: Coming Soon..........

Windows Wallet: https://mega.nz/#!7pkDFIpT!dhYXNNjraX1wrDhaesFKLDAUMyHh87lNoTs-nSQCR-0

Mac wallet: Coming Soon..........

Linux wallet: Build from https://github.com/PayPalCrypto/ppalcrypto.git

Paper wallet: Coming Soon..........

Exchanges: Coming Soon..........

Merchants: Coming Soon..........